[CAFE] Ray – 140720 Hello~^^

How have you all been CROWNs~!~! I’m sorry for only being active on sns like Twitter and rarely active on the official fan-cafe *bow bow*.. Everyone, did you know yesterday was C-CLOWN’s 2nd anniversary~~~!? I was restless because I didn’t know how to express just how grateful I was for everyone’s support, either on-site or via handwritten letter.ㅎ During these past two years ㅎㅎ Thank you so so much for tirelessly waiting for C-CLOWN. I think we will need to work even harder in order to pay you all back lots and lots. Also, I would once again like to thank you all for always actively uploading pretty pictures and videos on the fancafe during our promotions ㅎ Currently, it’s morning right now and I’m getting ready for Inkigayo What is everyone going to do today~? It would be nice if you could come by and see me if you have time ㅋㅋ However, since we’re always in the practice room when we don’t have a music broadcast to do, I hope I’ll be able to see you then instead !! And, what do you all think of our current promotions for ‘Let’s Love’~? ‘It’s good/I like it~’ But I’m fed up with this type of answer ㅋㅋ So please tell me something fresh/new in regards to ‘Let’s Love~!’ Be diligent ㅎㅎ I’ll read all your replies well CROWNs…ㅎ It’s already the seventh month of 2014. Because of CROWNs, 2014 has truly been a meaningful and precious year for me Everyone is precious to me 하핳 I’ll stop here because I have to leave for Inkigayo I hope you’ll continue to have a great morning Please fill me with ‘FIGHTING’ for today too! C-CLOWN always thinks of CROWNs so please support us ㅎㅎ Let’s be strong I love you

CREDIT: C-Clown Fancafe (Source); @CClown120719 / Crown the Clowns (Translation)



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